Thrice – Major/Minor (1st Press)

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Vinyl

There were a whopping 4,000 copies pressed of Thrice’s latest album, Major/Minor and it is already sold out pretty much everywhere, at least online. Some brick and mortar stores might have some copies, but don’t venture out to stores with high hopes.  Some copies have already sold for upwards of $60 on ebay. Part of the reason for this inflated ebay prices were “diehard” fans wanting to hear the album legitimately before the release date. In this instance the vinyl version of the album came out a few weeks before the official release date of the album. Each copy comes with a download code, but it will not be active until the official release date of September 20. All copies of this pressing are on clear with blue splatter. An odd choice of colors given the album artwork and it’s suggested imagery. As with most Thrice vinyl releases, the entire package is great in terms of quality. It sounds great, the gatefold jacket is thick and sturdy, an insert is included and the dust sleeve are printed. The lyrics for each record are printed on the respective dust sleeve as well as on the insert. I believe it was hinted when the album was first put up for pre-order that there will be multiple pressings of this album, but nothing has been confirmed one way or the other.


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