New Found Glory – Nothing Gold Can Stay (2nd press)

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Vinyl

New Found Glory, or should I say A New Found Glory’s debut album was recently re-pressed by upstart label Company Ink Records. There were 2,000 total copies pressed, 1500 on gold marble and 500 on “faded gold” which is just white with hints of yellow/gold around the edges. The gold marble copies are a Hot Topic exclusive and the “faded gold” are an indie retail exclusive. There are some major difference though between this pressing and the original pressing done by Drive Thru Records.

On the OG press, just ‘New Found Glory’ is printed on the cover, but for this re-press ‘A New Found Glory’ is printed on the cover. For those that may be confused and unaware, the band originally was known as A New Found Glory before dropping the A and simply going by New Found Glory. The jackets of both pressings are diecut, but you may notice that the diecut portion of the jacket for this pressing is much larger, almost like a picture frame. The photo showing through the diecut is the same between both pressings. Another difference that ties into the jacket is that there is printed dust sleeve that shows through the jacket for this second pressing rather than having the center label of the record show through the diecut in the jacket with the first pressing.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that the album was remastered for this pressing, and this pressing sounds much better than the first pressing of the album. It sounds cleaner and crisper, with a better balance between highs and lows. Of course a lot depends on your set up and the stereo equipment you have, but if you don’t have the first pressing of this album you are not missing too much in terms of sound.


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