Nirvana – Total F*cking Godhead 7″

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Vinyl
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Another Nirvana bootleg. I don’t make too much of a concerted effort to go after bootlegs, but Nirvana is one of the few exceptions. The main reason to track down Nirvana bootlegs is that they are unlike most bootlegs in that they typically have studio out takes or demo versions of various songs instead of just various live versions recording at a random show in Europe or Japan. These bootlegs give fans a chance to hear some rarities and versions of songs that have never been heard before, at least for most people.

For this 7″, “Total F*cking Godhead,” the tracks names are purposely mislabeled to try and throw off any copyright infringement suits. But I guess my blog will let the cat further out of the bag. There are three songs on this 7″, one on the a-side and two on the b-side. Track 1 is labeled “Broken Mirrors,” which is actually a outtake of “Lithium.” Track 2 is labeled “The Rocker” but is actually “Sappy,” and track 3 is labeled “The Eagle Has Landed” but is actually “Polly.”

This 7″ also had a few different variants, both in color of the record and the jacket. It was pressed on white vinyl and black vinyl, and there is an all white jacket and a jacket that has a portion with a red background. The all white cover has two photos of the band, one on each side, while the partly red jacket has just one photo, the photo that appears on the back of the all white cover. The back of the partly red cover is solid red. I do not know how many copies were pressed in total or per each cover or color.


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