The Horrible Crowes – Elsie (1st Press)

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Vinyl
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The Horrible Crowes is basically a stripped down version of The Gaslight Anthem, which is not at all surprising. You could even argue they are The Gaslight Anthem Part II. Regardless Elsie is one of this year’s best albums. The album was released by Side One Dummy and was pressed on two colors for the first pressing in the U.S., black limited to 1300 copies and blood red limited to 1500 copies. The blood red copies were an indie record store exclusive while the black copies are widely available everywhere else. The Euro pressing of the red is on translucent red rather than blood red, and I’m not sure how many copies were pressed on this Euro red, but it might be 1500 copies as well. The matrix numbers and etching are different between the U.S. pressing and Euro pressing.

After the records started shipping out a bit on confusion and a mini controversy ensued because a moderator on The Gaslight Anthem fan site/message board claimed Side One Dummy lied about the pressing info and that black copies were limited to 1500 copies instead of 1300 as initially advertised. The rumor, which was later proved false, picked up steam after other message boards picked up on it. Rest assured, the pressing info Side One initially gave is correct, and to clarify things further, my contact at the label shed more light on the situation to put out the flames.

In case you didn’t know, every record that is pressed has an overrun. Usually it’s around 10% of the amount ordered. In the case of Elsie there is actually 1430 copies on black and 1650 copies on blood red due to the over run, and due to the high demand for this album Side One decided to sell the overrun copies instead of holding on to them for themselves or giving them all to the band.

In 2015 Side One re-pressed Elsie on purple vinyl as part of their 20th Anniversary Celebration. A cash grab really, as this record can still be easily found for cheap if not original retail price.


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