Yellowcard – Collection (2002-2011) Box Set [The Underdog EP – Ocean Avenue – Lights And Sounds – Paper Walls – When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes]

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Vinyl

Hopeless Records decided to cash in on the popularity of Yellowcard and press nearly their entire discography on vinyl. When I say nearly entire, I mean they neglected to include three full length albums and two EP’s in this box set. I can see not pressing some of the EP’s because they will not fill even one side of an LP, but leaving out the three albums, for whatever reasons, is pretty inexcusable. Hopeless had to license most of these albums to press, so why not license their entire discography, granted though One For The Kids has already been licensed out to another label. But that label is actually a webstore/online radio station/marketing company/various other fields conglomerate that has diversified so much they have bitten off way more than they can chew. I think  the vinyl version of One For The Kids has been delayed or just not in actual production for over a year now, but that doesn’t stop pre-orders from being taken.

Ths box set features everything Yellowcard has recorded since 2002, as indicated by the title of the set. The albums and EP’s included are The Underdog EP, Ocean Avenue, Lights And Sounds, Paper Walls and When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. These albums were also pressed on black vinyl and released separately outside of this box set. This 2002-2011 Collection set was limited to 500 copies, with each album being pressed on colored vinyl. The Underdog EP was pressed on red, Ocean Avenue on blue, Lights And Sounds on yellow, Paper Walls on green, and When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes on purple marble.

The box set is not at all what I expected. I expected an actual box as opposed to a string tied manila envelope type packaging that was just enlarged to allow five LP’s to fit inside. The box has a slip in lid/cover that keeps it closed aside from wrapping the string around the buttons. Once the cover slips out the box does open from all ends, but it does feature artwork on the inside, however subtle it is. The cover of the box is embossed in gold ink with the band’s logo, with the title of the set printed in very tiny letters compared to the logo. The artwork from the pre-order/order page on Hopeless Records’ store turned out to be the actual artwork used, even though they hinted at it being something different. They also re-designed the album artwork for The Underdog EP, which you can see in the photos below. The ring wear on it is intentional and part of the artwork, so don’t freak out upon opening if you ordered this box set. With the photos mentioned, I believe my blog is one of, if not the first place to post complete and detailed photos of the entire box set.

Each album is initially sealed inside the box, which after opening each one I wish was not the case. My copy of When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes in on black vinyl instead of purple marble. It is not any shade or pattern of purple. From the photos below it may look like it’s a very dark purple or dark translucent color, but holding the record up to the light it is just black. In this instance even a sticker indicating color would have helped. I e-mailed Hopeless about this and am awaiting a final verdict; whether or not it’s a manufacturing error and the plant put in the wrong color in my box set or a pressing plant error in that they didn’t press purple. Depending on the outcome, I should be getting a replacement record. After hearing back from Hopeless it was a mix up at the plant, where a black copy was mistakenly put into my copy of the box set. So far I am the only person i know of who has had this problem, with any of the albums not being on colored vinyl. If you happen to have one, or multiple albums on black vinyl in your box set go ahead and e-mail Hopeless and ask for a replacement. I received my replacement copy of When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes after waiting a about two weeks for everything to get sorted out and get delivered to me. As a result I have deleted the picture of the black record and updated it with the correct purple marble copy.

You may recal When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes being pressed on its own before this box set was released, and you are correct. There were three or four variants for that initial first pressing, with a few different stores/distros having exclusive colors. I did not bother keeping track of the pressing info for it, but after a quick easy search the first pressing of the album was on translucent purple limited to 300 copies, yellow/gold limited to 500 copies, blue limited to 600 copies and black limited to 1500 copies. Eventually all of the albums and EP’s in this box set were made available for purchase separately outside of this box set. The colored vinyl versions (except for When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes) are exclusive to this box set, but each of the albums/EPs were pressed on black vinyl outside of the box set. The Underdog EP is limited to 650 copies on black vinyl; the rest of the albums I don’t have pressing info for.



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