Blink-182 – Neighborhoods (1st Press)

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Vinyl

Blink-182′ first studio album in eight years received the vinyl treatment a few weeks after the album’s initial release. It was pressed on four different variants, with two being exclusive to certain retailers. There were 500 copies pressed on pink, which was an Interpunk exclusive, 1,000 copies on white/black marble, which was a Hot Topic exclusive (and which came out to look more like grey than white/black marble), 2,000 copies on white/blue and 3500 copies on white. I think all copies have a sticker on the front denoting what color the records are; at least the pink copies do. So far the only variant that is sold out is pink. Even though there were a staggering 7,000 copies pressed, I fully expect this to sell out due to flippers snatching up multiple copies. So there majority of copies will be sitting on ebay at absurd prices for months on end. If you need any evidence to support my feelings, copies started popping up on ebay as early as three weeks ahead of the vinyl version’s release date.

Now down to some more details. The album was pressed as a double LP, and the records are some of the thinnest I’ve ever handled. At least the pink copies are, but it’s safe to assume all copies will be the same weight. I’m not a stickler for 180 gram records for the sheer fact of heavier weight and the stretch to better sound quality, but there is no way around the fact the label cut costs by pressing these on the lightest vinyl at their disposal, and still felt the need to charge over $20 for it. Some places are advertising the jacket as a “six panel gatefold,” which I feel is over exaggerating a lot. If you count the cover as an actual panel, then maybe. Upon opening the record up, there are only three true panels in my opinion. The entire jacket folds out into three panels, with the liner notes and a photo of the band on the inside panels and the full artwork on the other side.

All copies also come with a download code, which links to one of the worst set ups for a digital download I’ve ever used. There is no option to download the album as a whole, only each song individually. And if you have pop up blockers on, then you can get screwed out of some songs,because you only get one redemption of the code, so make it count. Turn off any pop up blockers, because their download host sends a pop up through that you have to click on in order to start the download. If you fail to click on it in time or if it doesn’t appear due to a pop up blocker, then you miss your chance to download that song forever. That particular song’s download button changes from ‘download’ to ‘redeemed,’ and you used up your one download. Also make sure to only download one song at a time, because if you try multiple songs at the same time it will screw up and could cancel any downloads in progress on top of missing out on downloading that second or third song you tried to download simultaneously due to their one redemption max/limit.


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