Look Mexico – Real Americans Spear It

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Vinyl

Look Mexico’s latest release, a 5-song EP entitled Real Americans Spear It, is a pretty big departure from their previous efforts. It’s like they went on a long Vampire Weekend bender, because this EP sounds more like Vampire Weekend than the Look Mexico many people have grown to love. Not that this EP is bad, but it definitely strays from their earlier releases.

Another change is that the band signed with Adeline Records, which decided the only physical release for this EP would be on vinyl in the form of a 10″. As is typical with most Adeline releases, pressing info was not released and in all likelihood never will be. All copies were pressed on light blue vinyl, and my copy has hints of white in it as well. Originally I think the 10″ was supposed to be pressed on white and blue splatter, but if those plans were ever actually in motion they were obviously axed at some point. All copies come in a gatefold jacket and also come with a download card for high quality MP3’s at 320 kbps.


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