Broadway Calls – Toxic Kids

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Vinyl

Broadway Calls has been a bit quiet lately in terms of touring and releasing new music, but that all changed with the release of their new EP, Toxic Kids, a few weeks ago. Even though the band is still signed to Side One Dummy, an upstart label, All For Hope Records, released this EP and gave it the vinyl treatment. The EP was pressed on four color variants, black limited to 600 copies, yellow limited to 200 copies, red limited to 200 copies and blue limited to 500 copies. Blue was released in conjunction with Banquet Records out of the UK, and it is a UK exclusive. A portion of the pressing, 300 copies, will be sold in stores and the remaining 200 copies will be saved for when the band tours the UK. All copies, at least of the U.S. variants, come with a one-sided insert that has the lyrics printed on it.

One thing that some people may be concerned with or have a problem with is that the sole online retailer in the U.S., Merchnow, is taking it upon themselves to open all copies of the record to verify colors. So the people who like or want to keep all their records sealed will be sadly disappointed. Even though I don’t agree with the idea of keeping records sealed for the sake of just collecting them and buying them with no intent to ever listen to them, I realize that quite a few people who read my blog do prescribe to that philosophy. So I post that bit of info about Merchnow cutting the shrink-wrap to check colors so those people are aware of the fact. If you must have your record sealed you can always go out and support the band by seeing them on tour, where you can buy a copy directly from them, as they took a good amount, copies of all three U.S. colors, to sell on their current tour.


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