No Doubt – The Ska EP 7″

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Vinyl
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This is only No Doubt bootleg I know of. Usually I steer clear of bootlegs because I have no desire for them for various reasons. But I do make the exception for a handful of bands. Since this is the only No Doubt boot to date I decided to make an exception. The 7″ features two live tracks on the a-side and two studio out takes/demos on the b-side. Rather than posting the track listing, I took a photo of the back of the sleeve to show what songs are on this 7″, which you can see below.

It was pressed on two colors, pink and purple, both limited to 500 copies a piece. I am not 100% certain as to the color of my copy, but I’m leaning more towards pink. Since I have never seen pictures of this record anywhere, I am not sure of the differences in the shades of the colors to say for certain if my copy is on pink or purple. My copy is not cut and dry purple or pink. my copy even has streaks of black in it.


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