Larry And His Flask – s/t 7″ (4th Press – Blue & Green)

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Vinyl

When Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club signed Larry And His Flask they also started doing their own pressings of the band’s s/t 7″, which they had self released up until that point. Silver Sprocket did not change much with the EP layout wise, as their two pressing feature the same silk-screened paper bag and regular jacket inside as the band’s first two self-released pressings. They (Silver Sprocket) have quickly moved on to the 4th overall pressing of the EP, which is currently still in print and is being carried through a few distributors. Before going into details about the 4th pressing, here is a little bit about the 3rd pressing, which I completely slept on and completely missed out on.

The third pressing, which is the first on Silver Sprocket was pressed on two colors, “rot gut whiskey (brown)” and “gin (clear).” When I asked the guy who runs Silver Sprocket how many copies were pressed on each color from the third pressing and if any copies were still available, he had no idea because they did not keep track of the amount pressed and that the third pressing was sold out and out of print. He didn’t even keep any copies for himself/the label according. The brown copies feature a silk-screened bag with brown lettering, however, I do not know what color writing the bags of clear copies has, because obviously it can not be clear.

For the fourth pressing, which the pics below depict, the color matching silk-screening remains constant. This pressing was also down on two colors by Silver Sprocket; “Bombay Sapphire/Crystal Blue (light blue)” and “Absinthe (green).” According to Silver Sprocket’s website there were only 200 copies of blue pressed, but according to a sticker on the cover of them 300 copies were pressed. I asked the guy who runs Silver Sprocket about this and he stands by that there are 200 copies on blue and does not know why the stickers say 300. There were 550 copies on green pressed, but they do not come with a sticker. All Silver Sprocket copies come with download codes through Silver Sprocket’s website.


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