Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (2nd press)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Vinyl

Sony went back and re-pressed the Foo Fighters’ entire back catalog, minus Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace and their Greatest Hits, which are still in print. All the records were released this past week and are on the pricey side all things considered.

In Your Honor was pressed as a double 12″ instead of a quadruple 12″ that the first pressing was done as. I haven’t gotten around to listening to it to compare how each one sounds compared to one another, but I’m assuming this pressing could sound worse based on the fact it’s squeezed on to two records. Mastering could be the biggest difference though, as this pressing was done by Bob Ludwig at Bernie Grundman’s place.

This pressing is also a no frills pressing. Contained inside are just the two LP’s. No insert or liner notes of any kind. The vinyl only bonus track found on the first pressing is also missing from this second pressing.  A download code for 320 kbps MP3’s is included though. Considering this pressing costs at least about $25 on the low-end, going up to over $40 on the high-end, that is not much consolation. Those smart enough to pre-order on Amazon before November (myself included) were lucky enough to see the price drop down to $17.99 however. If you have the first pressing that came as a 4-LP box set you will notice that the sticker on the cover of this pressing matches that of the first pressing, only bigger in size and with different wording.


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