Foo Fighters – s/t (2nd Press)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Vinyl

Sony went back and re-pressed the Foo Fighters’ entire back catalog, minus Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace and their Greatest Hits, which are still in print. All the records were released this past week and are on the pricey side all things considered. The theme continues…

Foo Fighters’ debut album has more similarities to its first pressing than the other re-presses from Sony. Everything is pretty much the same, including the Roswell Records center labels. The only thing missing is a printed dust sleeve that was came with the first pressing. A big thing I noticed is that Sony went with the same oversized jackets used for the other double LP Foo Fighters re-presses for this record, even though the s/t album is a single LP. So for this pressing the record bounces and slides around more than it should. It also leads to corner dings and bends during shipping or even storage, which my copy shows signs of even though Amazon did a stand up job shipping these carefully.

This re-pressing costs much less than the other records in this batch of Foo Fighters re-presses, averaging under $20, closer to $15 from some places. But I still feel it’s a bit too much considering it’s just the record placed in a cheap jacket that is too big.


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