Foo Fighters – There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Vinyl

Sony went back and re-pressed the Foo Fighters’ entire back catalog, minus Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace and their Greatest Hits, which are still in print. All the records were released this past week and are on the pricey side all things considered. You might notice a theme going here…

Once again there are subtle differences between this pressing and the first press. For starters, the first press was done as a single LP, where this second pressing is a double LP. The cover art from the first pressing is also slightly different, as it is darker than the 2nd pressing. Most noticeably in the ‘FF’ Foo Fighters logo on the back of the neck. But as a whole the artwork for the second is more washed out than the first pressing.

The stickers on the front covers are different as well, from a small red circle in the top left corner on the first pressing to a huge black square  in the bottom right corner on the second pressing Gone again is the gatefold jacket along with the temporary tattoo that came with the first pressing. No inserts are included with either pressing as well.


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