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I Am the Avalanche’s debut album finally saw the light of day on vinyl. Enjoy The Ride Records licensed the rights to the album from Drive-Thru Records and pressed the record on three different colors, red limited to 100 copies, white limited to 200 copies and black limited to 200 copies.

When the pre-order was launched the red variant sold out in a matter of minutes, followed quickly by the white copies which sold out a few days later. As of writing this there are about 100 black copies left in Enjoy The Ride’s webstore, but a few copies went out to their local record store, Looney Tunes in Long Island. The records are housed in a gatefold jacket, with the lyrics and liner notes printed inside the gatefold rather than having an insert. Unfortuantely it seems like a good amount of people bought this with the sole intention of flipping or as trade bait with lofty intentions, seeing as the more copies trickle out to people the more copies pop up on ebay or on message boards.

I will throw this in, Enjoy The Ride did NOT take pre-orders for this release. When the records were in hand only then were the records made available for purchase online. The records went live on a Friday, and by Monday of the following week orders started shipping. This is how all labels should conduct business, rather than taking pre-orders two, sometime even more months before the records are slated to ship/release.


Native Trash is another side project of Harvard lead singer Jesse Clasen. Their self-titled EP was released by Enjoy The Ride Records. Also in the band is Patrick Emmons, who has a screen-printing business and label called A City Inside. A City Inside released Jesse Clasen’s solo album, The Bear Romantic – Firewood. The music is in the same vein as Harvard, but there are hints of his solo effort mixed in, The Bear Romantic. I would advise everyone checking out all three bands.

The EP was pressed as a 7″ and rather than have traditional color variants for the records, Enjoy The Ride went the route of having different color covers printed up. All of the records are on mixed vinyl, and all of the ones I’ve seen are mostly purple or grey in color with streaks of black mixed in here and there. 200 total copies were pressed, and here is the color scheme breakdown for the sleeves:

Brown Flag with Pink Logo = 4  available to public
Purple Flag with Blue logo = 6 available to public
Orange Flag with green logo = 8 available to public
Red Flag with Orange Logo = 44 available to public
Dark Blue Flag with Light Blue logo = 37 available to public
Blue Flag with Green Logo = 13 available to public
Blue Flag with Purple Logo = 20 available to public
Custom colors (band press) = 5 available to public
The custom color option at bottom of that list was only made available to the first five people who ordered the 7″ through Enjoy The Ride’s webstore. They had their choice of color combo from the list of colors available. By the time I finally got around to buying this EP a few of the colors were sold out, so I opted for an orange with green combo sleeve.

Senses Fail – The Fire

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Vinyl

Compared to the utterly ridiculous debacle that Take Off Your Pants And Jacket has become and continues to grow in proportion, the release of Senses Fail’s The Fire by Mightier Than Sword Records went relatively smoothly. But it still had major issues. First the pre-order itself going live was delayed several times, then the release of the record was delayed as well. Something people have grown to expect with MTS. The records were suppose to come out november 15, but I did not get my copy till December (I’ve had this record for a while now, but held off on making an entry for it). I should also mention this was a joint release with Vagrant, the rights holders to the album. One would think that fact would’ve helped speed things along in terms of launching the pre-order on time or getting the records out, but no.

The biggest problem is that the colors MTS  initially advertised and took pre-orders on changed, something that was only found out after the records were shipped from the pressing plant. Rather than demand the plant deliver what was ordered, MTS opted to keep the entire batch of error pressings, 400 plus records worth of error pressings, and gave customers the option of cancelling their order or swapping colors, since said colors were completely different from what they were suppose to be. MTS did post pictures of these new colors to help customers decide what to do.

Initially the color variants were supposed to be 180 gram black, red/yellow swirl and brown/orange swirl. All colors that match the album title and artwork perfectly. But the colors somehow turned into solid red and peach/purple/white. To top things off MTS is still selling these now non-existent red/yellow swirl and brown/orange swirl in their online store, even keeping the horrible MS paint mock ups up along with the item page.

In all there were 500 copies pressed, 100 on 180 gram black, 200 on solid red and 200 on peach/purple/white. All copies include the bonus track “Ghost Town,” but for a label so focused on top-notch packaging, this bonus track is not listed with the track listing on the back of the jacket nor on the innert. So it appears all their art department did was blow up the CD artwork to fit the LP format. “Ghost Town” appears as the last track on the b-side of the record.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle 7″

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Vinyl

The 7″ single for Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” is getting harder and harder to track down for a decent price. With some people wanting upwards of $30 for a copy, if you’re patient you can score one on ebay UK for a fraction of the price. A lot of people shy around for ordering things internationally because of shipping prices and exchange rates, but if you play your cards right you can get records for half the price of what you would get it for from a U.S. seller. I got this 7″ for a little under $10 shipped from England, and I got it in less than three weeks to boot.

I do not know how many copies were pressed, but all copies were pressed on red vinyl.

This is hands down the nicest release I have not just in my collection, but I have ever seen. If you follow my blog you undoubtedly know my affection for Tom Petty’s music, whether with The Heartbreakers or not, and this box set is the ultimate live collection. This box set was released in a few different versions on the CD and vinyl formats, the vinyl version does not come with any of the extra frills the deluxe CD version comes with. I believe the deluxe CD version comes with posters, re-created back stage passes, a few extra live DVD’s, an exclusive documentary and Blu-ray audio discs. The vinyl version is spread across seven LP’s and features the same track list as any of the CD versions, 48 tracks and just under four hours of music.

What makes this the ultimate live collection is that the live tracks were taken from various shows throughout Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker’s career, ranging from the late 70’s up to 2007. It is not taken from just one concert or even era, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell wanted the best of the best live versions of the songs selected for this live album, which took them over a year to gather. Tom Petty meticulously documented each and every live performance starting in the late 70’s, which led to over 3500 performances of 400 unique songs through 170 concerts.

Included in the vinyl version is seven 180 gram LP’s and a 26-page book with the most thorough and detailed liner notes I have ever seen. Tom Petty offers his personal thoughts on each song included on the album and reflects on his experiences throughout his career. There is a brief history of the band throughout their career. It’s a great read and I actually have it kept outside of this box set so I can easily go back and read it whenever I have the urge to.  Now on to the packaging, which is very well put together.

The vinyl version of the album is kept in a book type packaging with a spine. For those worried about size, while this set is larger  both vertically and horizontally (much more so horizontally) than a standard LP jacket, I have no problem fitting this set on my shelves that store the rest of my LP’s. All of the records are in their own poly lined dust sleeves which are then housed in a sleeve that is attached to the box set, as are the pages in the book. Everything is attached to the spine of the box set, there is even a spot for the book, like a record sleeve on the inside of the back cover. Being as everything is attached to the spine, getting the records in and out can be a bit of a problem, as sometimes they are frustratingly tough to get back in. The track listing for each record in the set is printed on one side of the sleeves, and the artwork for each of these sleeves is the same.

As for pressing info I have not seen anything official. The only numbers I have seen are from an online distro/store, which lists this set as being limited to 2500 copies. While I do think this set is limited because of the complex nature of it, given the packaging, I find a small number like 2500 copies being way too little for a band like Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers. These are still widely available and very easy to find. The steep price tag, $150, may be to blame for that, but diehard Petty fans and vinyl nerds would be quick to snatch all of these up despite that is there are actually only 2500 copies of this set made.

This compilation eventually went OOP for many years, and the price on the secondary market jumped up all the way to over $700. But in summer 2018 a re-press was released for close to the original retail price of the first pressing.

Bad Books is essentially Manchester Orchestra with Kevin Devine. The two acts have toured together numerous times and Kevin Devine is signed to Andy Hull/Manchester Orchestra’s own label Favorite Gentlemen. While I was aware of this side project formed in 2010, I slept on the pre-order for the vinyl version of the album and missed out on it. It took me over a year past the album’s release date to finally track down a copy, but to honest there was very little intensity to the search as this album was not a huge priority. I infrequently did ebay searches and kept my eye on message boards for it, but I did not want to fork out over $20 for it, like everyone I encountered selling the album wanted. Fortunately I found one at an indie record store in Denver, Twist and Shout, which after I bought one still had two copies left. As of writing this Twist and Shout also has the album listed for sale online for $16.99. While I won’t post the link here (because I never post direct links to anything or anywhere on this blog) their website is easy enough to find through Google searches.

From trying to find the pressing info for the album it seems there was a bit of confusion surrounding it, as the band apparently oversold the record. Initially there was supposed to be 750 copies on red vinyl, which was only supposed to be a pre-order exclusive. The band released some more copies on red to meet demand, but whether the band purposely did ont sell the entire pressing or they released/sold the 10% overage/over run copies is anyone’s guess. There was also a translucent orange variant that was only available both on tour and at indie record stores. Numbers on the orange copies was never released and I doubt Favorite Gentlemen ever will as they are pretty unresponsive to such inquiries. There was also talk of “yellow” copies of this record popping up, which I credit to people thinking the translucent orange copies are another color than what they are, in this case being “yellow” or “gold.” Many records have been pressed in this color, some bands/labels call it “gold” while others call it “translucent orange.” But nowhere have I heard it be called “yellow.”

As of right now this record is OOP, but you may unsuspectingly run across one at any indie record store across the country. While Favorite Gentlemen has re-pressed Manchester Orchestra records a few times, there is no sign or word that Bad Books will be getting a  re-press. However, they do not announce these re-pressing, they just magically pop up for sale in the Favorite Gentlemen webstore.

The Killers – Spaceman 12″

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Vinyl

There is both a 7″ and 12″ version of the “Spaceman” single. The track listing is the same for each version, with the a-side being the single and the b-side being a cover of the Bright Eyes song “Four Winds.” Both are picture discs and feature the same picture on each side. Both also come in a picture disc sleeve with the same sticker on the top, except for one minor difference with the sticker on the 12″ version. The sticker on the 12″ version has a small Record Store Day 2009 release notation along the bottom. This is another Killers single that does never had pressing info released, for either version.