Bad Books – s/t (1st Press)

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Vinyl
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Bad Books is essentially Manchester Orchestra with Kevin Devine. The two acts have toured together numerous times and Kevin Devine is signed to Andy Hull/Manchester Orchestra’s own label Favorite Gentlemen. While I was aware of this side project formed in 2010, I slept on the pre-order for the vinyl version of the album and missed out on it. It took me over a year past the album’s release date to finally track down a copy, but to honest there was very little intensity to the search as this album was not a huge priority. I infrequently did ebay searches and kept my eye on message boards for it, but I did not want to fork out over $20 for it, like everyone I encountered selling the album wanted. Fortunately I found one at an indie record store in Denver, Twist and Shout, which after I bought one still had two copies left. As of writing this Twist and Shout also has the album listed for sale online for $16.99. While I won’t post the link here (because I never post direct links to anything or anywhere on this blog) their website is easy enough to find through Google searches.

From trying to find the pressing info for the album it seems there was a bit of confusion surrounding it, as the band apparently oversold the record. Initially there was supposed to be 750 copies on red vinyl, which was only supposed to be a pre-order exclusive. The band released some more copies on red to meet demand, but whether the band purposely did ont sell the entire pressing or they released/sold the 10% overage/over run copies is anyone’s guess. There was also a translucent orange variant that was only available both on tour and at indie record stores. Numbers on the orange copies was never released and I doubt Favorite Gentlemen ever will as they are pretty unresponsive to such inquiries. There was also talk of “yellow” copies of this record popping up, which I credit to people thinking the translucent orange copies are another color than what they are, in this case being “yellow” or “gold.” Many records have been pressed in this color, some bands/labels call it “gold” while others call it “translucent orange.” But nowhere have I heard it be called “yellow.”

As of right now this record is OOP, but you may unsuspectingly run across one at any indie record store across the country. While Favorite Gentlemen has re-pressed Manchester Orchestra records a few times, there is no sign or word that Bad Books will be getting a  re-press. However, they do not announce these re-pressing, they just magically pop up for sale in the Favorite Gentlemen webstore.


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