Anthony Green – Soul 4 My Soul flexi-disc

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Vinyl
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With Anthony Green’s new solo album, Beautiful Things, due out in slighty over two weeks, a promo flexi-disc containing I believe an exclusive b-side, “Soul 4 My Soul,” has been released that can only be found inside the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine for February 2012. More specifically only copies of this issue of Alternative Press that are sold in Hot Topic and select Barnes & Noble stores. Not all Barnes & Noble stores will have magazine with the disc inside. To make sure the copy of the magazine you’re buying has the flexi inside, look for one with a green starburst in the top left corner on the cover that says “Anthony Green flexi-disc inside.” Some copies with a starburst in  the top left that reads “New lower cover price” have the flexi inside. I have included a photo of the magazine cover I bought with this post, which had the flexi inside. To help the flexi photograph better since it’s clear, I stuck a piece of cardboard under it, so that is not how it is suppose to be.

The flexi can be found between pages 23 and 24, and is attached to the magazine. There is a perforated edge along the spine to cut the flexi from the magazine, but don’t try to cut out the actual disc from the sheet of vinyl as you run the risk of damaging it. The flexi will play on almost all turntables as a sheet, it does not need to be cut out in the shape of a traditional record. It plays just like any other record. Some copies of the flexi do not have a center label and some have the blue script center label. Copies without a center label are pressing errors, and some people are trying to track it down as they view it as a variant. There is also no word on how many copies were pressed in total, with the center label or without the center label.

One other important thing of note is that this flexi may be the same flexi that is included with pre-orders of Anthony Green’s new solo album, Beautiful Things, due on January 17th through Photo Finish Records. It is not yet confirmed nor denied whether the flexis found inside Alternative Press are the same ones that will be included with pre-orders of the full length album.

  1. Aaron Saye says:

    Yup, that’s the same flexi that came with my preorder.


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