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theHELL is Matt Skiba’s third and latest project outside of Alkaline Trio for Matt Skiba. Atom Willard of Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring, Angels & Airwaves and Social Distortion fame completes theHELL. There were 1,000 copies of theHELL’s debut EP, Sauve Les Requins pressed as a 10″ on white vinyl. Sauves Les Requins sounds more like Alkaline Trio than Skiba’s other notable side project, Heavens, but still has a distinct sound all its own. It’s also important to note that the band released this themselves and paid out of their own pocket to get these records pressed. There are reports of the records skipping, at least for a few people. It’s not too widespread from what I see though, as they skip for some and not others. It does not skip for me, so the skipping issue is most likely people’s set up for multiple reasons. Either the tone arm is not adjusted properly or the speakers are too close to or against the turntable causing vibration.

Initially MerchLackey was the only place selling the 10″ EP, and their shipping prices were beyond ridiculous. When pre-orders first went live MerchLackey supplied only one shipping option, which was very expensive and overpriced, around $11 for most people for priority mail. As time wore on though MerchLackey gradually put up more shipping options and also lowered shipping prices on some options. Ultimately MerchLackey screwed over people who were the first to pre-order. All pre-orders through MerchLackey came with an immediate download code, supplied via email, but some people did not receive the download codes, even after emailing MerchLackey’s customer service about it.  I waited to buy this EP after seeing the shipping prices, and was able to get first class mail for $5, which was still a bit overpriced but better than spending $11 and change. Eventually Interpunk started selling copies as well, which is when many people decided to finally pull the trigger and buy Sauve Les Requins.


The Horrible Crowes’ latest and second overall 7″ is not officially released until February 21, 2012, but Side One Dummy started shipping out copies the week before the release date in order for them to reach everyone on the release date. The 7″ features an a cover of the INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart” on the b-side, which I believe is exclusive to this 7″ and was unreleased up to this point.

The 7″ has a U.S. pressing and a UK pressing. The U.S. pressing was pressed on three colors; blood red limited to 300 copies, clear yellow limited to 300 copies and black limited to 400 copies. Red copies were exclusive to Side One Dummy, yellow copies were exclusive to Shit Radio Cast and black copies were widely available as they were distributed everywhere. The colored copies for the U.S. pressing sold out during the pre-order phase. The record for the U.S. pressing comes in a printed dust sleeve rather than a regular paper dust sleeve. The UK pressing is apparently done on the same colors as the U.S. pressing, but were pressed at a plant in Europe. Pressing info for the UK pressing has not been released yet to my knowledge. I believe Banquet Records is the exclusive retailer for the UK pressing.

Initially it was advertised the b-side for this 7″ would be a cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” but that turned out not to be the case. Side One Dummy apologized for the mixup and stated that the Katy Perry cover would be featured on a future The Horrible Crowes release.

Thomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 fame released a solo album under the name Toh Kay entitled Streetlight Lullabies, where he did acoustic versions of Streetlight Manifesto songs. A surprising departure, I know. The album is surprising good, as the songs work well without a horn line.

I do not know how many copies of this album were pressed, but all copies were pressed on black vinyl.

Thomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 fame released a solo album under the name Toh Kay, where he did acoustic versions of Streetlight Manifesto songs. A surprising departure, I know. The album is surprising good, as the songs work well without a horn line. This 7″ was released ahead of the full length album to help promote its release. The 7″ features an album track, “We Will Fall Together” and a Bad Religion cover that is a b-side found only on this 7″, “Hooray For Me.”

I do not know how many copies were pressed, but all copies were pressed on black vinyl. It was released by Pentimento Music, Thomas Kalnoky’s label. It’s typical that the label does not release pressing info for any of their releases, and may keep them in print for a long time.

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground’s second full length album was released by Suburban Home Records, and the vinyl pressing came out well after the album’s release. Ithink it was held up for various logisitcal reasons. It was pressed on two different colors, white limited to 300 copies and red limited to 700 copies. The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket and coems with an insert.

At first Shit Radio Cast was the only place to buy the album on vinyl due to a partnership with them and Virgil at Suburban Home Records. Virgil was however selling red copies for sale both on ebay and another auction site Limited Pressing. Rather than giving Shit Radio Cast any more of my money after they screwed up the only two orders I placed with them and held my money hostage, I bought my white copy directly from Virgil to avoid the mess that is Shit Radio Cast. As time went on though more and more distros started carrying this Kay Kay album, so I don’t know what happened to Shit Radio Caast being the exclusive retailer for Suburban Home releases.

Despite what people say about him, Virgil has always come through for me and I personally have had no issues with him when it comes to shipping me records, being willing to sell stuff to me directly even though he no longer runs a distro or being impossible to get ahold of. With that said, I don’t agree with some of the thing that happened revolving around the Vinyl Collective Co-Op Label.

This is one of a handful of 12″ singles released off of the Foo Fighter’s s/t debut album. I believe this was actually released before the album was though and was used a promo. I do not know how many copies were pressed, but all copies were pressed on black vinyl.

The Exhausted b/w Winnebago 12″ is one of the harderst Foo Fighters releases to find, but from time to time there will be cycles where copies pop up on ebay, where as soon as one goes up for sale a few more pop up trying to cash in after seeing how much the first one sold for. These cycles seem to be happening more and more often and the gap between them seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Copies tend to sell for no less than $40, so if you manage to snag one for less than that you got a steal. On the other hand, prices tend to top out at $60, so don’t pay more than that for this 12″.


The Honorary Title’s Scream & Light Up The Sky was released by Doghouse Records on vinyl back in 2008 and is still not sold out. There are at least two distros or webstores that still have copies left on black vinyl. A quick and easy Google search will lead you to the places still selling copies of this record.

The album was pressed on two colors, red limited to 500 copies and black limited to 500 copies. Some people think there are 1,000 copies on black instead of 500 based on some slightly confusing information advertised at the time the record was first put up for sale, making it seem like there are 1500 total copies pressed. But the official numbers are 500 copies of each color making 1,000 copies total. Red copies are the only ones sold out. The album was pressed as a double LP that comes housed in a gatefold jacket, which has the lyrics printed inside the gatefold. The vinyl version of the album also features two bonus tracks not found on the CD version of Scream & Light Up The Sky, “Undone” and “Doesn’t Make A Difference.” These two songs are found on the Untouched & Intact EP however, so they really aren’t that good of bonus track.