Updates & Changes To The Blog

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Vinyl

If you follow this blog or are familiar with it in any way you may have noticed some changes to it in the past few days. Some changes are subtle, and some not so subtle. The biggest change is that nearly every picture is tagged and watermarked. From here on out every picture, at least of the records themselves, will be tagged and watermarked. It’s something I never wanted to do because some of the tags nearly ruin photos. I have even deleted many photos as well. Another change I made was to request that this blog no longer come up in search engine results or get archived, but ultimately that is up to places like Google to honor the request, as it’s their choice to pull the blog for their archives and search results.

The reason is people are increasingly using my photos on ebay and cross posting them all over the place, obviously without permission. Some people have given me credit for the photo(s) posted on message boards or other blogs, but majority have not. Some of those who gave no credit were even brazen enough to claim the photos as their own. The biggest reason however is that I do not went to help or facilitate people flipping records in any fashion.

This has been happening for a while, but has not been happening on a consistent basis until a few weeks ago. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back were two instances actually. First, someone on ebay decided to not only steal one of my photos, but copy (probably taking a screen shot) the entire blog entry for the particular record and use it as their item description. Another person repeatedly posted one of my photos on a message board trying to sell the particular record, posting the photo again after their first message board post and thread was deleted when I reported it. This person then used it on ebay, and when I contacted them to remove it she was very rude and took an attitude towards me as if I was the one who was to blame and at fault.

Some photos are more heavily tagged than others. Some are more heavily tagged because those pictures have been used on ebay the most. Now I don’t sit on ebay looking to see if any of my photos are being used, but from time to time from my own personal searches for things I am after I have come across them. Some bands and albums are more prone to being used on ebay, so a lot of their photos have been removed entirely from this blog. I am partially to blame for never tagging my photos to begin with, but either way it does not change the fact people are using my photos without permission.

If any readers or followers are upset with these changes do not blame me. If you no longer check this blog or read any of it so be it. I’m sure people stealing my photos will continue, but now it will be harder for people to do so. I’m sure some people will see this post as a challenge to see if they can steal my photos and use them around the web. But I have already noticed changes on ebay as I am not a simple stepping stone to help people flip records, so progress has already been made. To be perfectly honest I have no problem stopping to write this blog altogether and delete everything on it if this problem continues.

  1. Jeff says:

    it’s too bad that people who “collect” records for the wrong reasons may ruin a site as informative and helpful as yours for the rest of us who are doing it for the music, nostalgia, etc.

    i say f*ck those idiots, keep doing what you’re doing but take care to protect yourself and your hard work.


  2. Anthony Jr. says:

    What brings people back is content. I wouldn’t worry much about how people react to the work you put into tagging your photos. You’ve got some really informative posts on this blog, and as long as that doesn’t change – you’re making things happen.


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