Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American (1st Press)

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Vinyl

Bleed American has undergone a few different variations over the years. From the first two pressing done as a single LP and featuring no bonus tracks to the deluxe edition triple LP released on Record Store Day in 2011 that features many bonus tracks and demos.

There are subtle difference between the first two pressings. The first pressing was released by Grand Royal Records and is housed in a gatefold jacket without a printed dust sleeve. The second pressing was released by Dreamworks and Western Tread (Jim Adkins’ record label) and is housed in a regular jacket with a printed dust sleeve. Pressing info for either of these pressing was never announced.

Since the deluxe edition re-press last year prices on the single LP pressing has been all over the place, but they typically sell for around $40. The Grand Royal pressing tends to go for more though because of those who know it is a first pressing, but on the same hand the Dreamworks/Western Tread pressing can go through the roof because of people who do not know about the first pressing on Grand Royal. Many times people selling the second pressing on ebay do not mention what label it is on to try to sucker more money out of people. So before you bid on a copy of the single LP pressings make sure to ask the seller what label it’s on.


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