Saves The Day – Anywhere With You 7″

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Vinyl

This 7″ either slipped through my grasp and never got an entry or somehow was deleted by WordPress for whatever reason. My money is on the later because I made sure everything from my entire Saves The Day collection was posted here once it was completed about two years ago.

This 7″ for the song “Anywhere With You” off of In Reverie was a promo. It was pressed on two colors with two different covers, one for each color variant of the record. The 7″ was pressed on transparent orange and white, with both being a promo 7″. I am not sure how many copies in total or of each color were pressed, but white copies are much rarer than the transparent orange copies  White copies rarely come up for sale, especially when you compare it to copies on transparent orange.

Both come with different covers, which you can see below. The tracklisting is also different between the two colors, featuring different b-sides. The translucent orange copies have an acoustic version of “Anywhere With You” and the white copies feature “Blossom.” Both b-sides were previoulsy unreleased and exclusive to the respective records.


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