Saves The Day – I’m Sorry I’m Leaving

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Vinyl

This 7″ either slipped through my grasp and never got an entry or somehow was deleted by WordPress for whatever reason. My money is on the later because I made sure everything from my entire Saves The Day collection was posted here once it was completed about two years ago.

The 7″ EP for I’m Sorry I’m Leaving is arguably the hardest Saves The Day record to track down. Especially some of the colors if you are one who collects all variants. However there always seems to be a copy of this EP on ebay, albeit for ridiculous price. But it is important to note that prices on these EP will likely never fall below $100. The pressing info for this EP is about as ridiculous as the amount of money it goes for, as not only are the color variants for the records themselves, but for the jackets as well.

The vinyl version of I’m Sorry I’m Leaving was released by Immigrant Sun Records out of Brooklyn, New York. the person who ran the label sells copies of this EP on ebay from time to time,  far too often if you ask me and a lot more copies than he really should have left if the label actually sold out the entire pressing. The jackets for the EP were screen-printed monarch butterflies, and I believe the jackets were cut out in the shape of a butterfly by hand. The butterfly covers come in several colors and hues. The main colors range from orange and black, blue and black, light blue and black, green and black, grey and black, metallic orange and black. There are also varying amounts of white mixed into some of the jackets, some have more white spots than other, and some have a richer shade of white than others due to the screen-printing not being 100% accurate as the ink runs thin at times. The jackets were randomly given to the records. A specific color scheme jacket was not reserved for a specific colors of records, except for test presses which received a grey and black butterfly.

The pressing info for the records themselves is as follows; 395 copies on white, 88  on pink, 12 on red and 5 transitional copies that are a white black mix. There were 10 test presses made for this EP. Because of the rarity of some of the records and the randomization of the jackets, getting a complete collection of I’m Sorry I’m Leaving is next to impossible. I know of only one person outside of the guys who ran Immigrant Sun Records who has as close to a complete collection as you can get. Personally I did not care too much about what color record or what color butterfly I got, as long I was able to get a copy for a decent price or fair trade, which I did.


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