Sefler – 13 Hours Of Everything 7″

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Vinyl
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This 7″ either slipped through my grasp and never got an entry or somehow was deleted by WordPress for whatever reason. Maybe because of the picture of the back of the sleeve featuring a man with a gun held to his head, which I am excluding from this new posting. My money is on the later because I made sure everything from my entire Saves The Day collection was posted here once it was completed about two years ago.

Sefler is what most people consider the pre Saves The Day band. The band featured Chris Conley, Bryan Newman and Justin Gaylord who went on to from Saves The Day, or at least change the band’s name from Sefler to Saves The Day. Not every Saves The Day collector or fan feels a need to have or want this 7″, but many feel their Saves The Day collection is incomplete without this Sefler 7″. 13 hours Of Everything is even harder to find than Saves The Day’s I’m Sorry I’m Leaving EP  and fetches about the same price when it pops up for sale, which is few and far between.

I do not know how many copies of this 7″ were pressed, and considering how long ago it was released pressing info will never be released, if anyone actually kept track of how many copies of it were made to begin with.


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