The Honorary Title – Scream & Light Up The Sky

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Vinyl

The Honorary Title’s Scream & Light Up The Sky was released by Doghouse Records on vinyl back in 2008 and is still not sold out. There are at least two distros or webstores that still have copies left on black vinyl. A quick and easy Google search will lead you to the places still selling copies of this record.

The album was pressed on two colors, red limited to 500 copies and black limited to 500 copies. Some people think there are 1,000 copies on black instead of 500 based on some slightly confusing information advertised at the time the record was first put up for sale, making it seem like there are 1500 total copies pressed. But the official numbers are 500 copies of each color making 1,000 copies total. Red copies are the only ones sold out. The album was pressed as a double LP that comes housed in a gatefold jacket, which has the lyrics printed inside the gatefold. The vinyl version of the album also features two bonus tracks not found on the CD version of Scream & Light Up The Sky, “Undone” and “Doesn’t Make A Difference.” These two songs are found on the Untouched & Intact EP however, so they really aren’t that good of bonus track.


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