theHELL – Sauve Les Requins

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Vinyl
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theHELL is Matt Skiba’s third and latest project outside of Alkaline Trio for Matt Skiba. Atom Willard of Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring, Angels & Airwaves and Social Distortion fame completes theHELL. There were 1,000 copies of theHELL’s debut EP, Sauve Les Requins pressed as a 10″ on white vinyl. Sauves Les Requins sounds more like Alkaline Trio than Skiba’s other notable side project, Heavens, but still has a distinct sound all its own. It’s also important to note that the band released this themselves and paid out of their own pocket to get these records pressed. There are reports of the records skipping, at least for a few people. It’s not too widespread from what I see though, as they skip for some and not others. It does not skip for me, so the skipping issue is most likely people’s set up for multiple reasons. Either the tone arm is not adjusted properly or the speakers are too close to or against the turntable causing vibration.

Initially MerchLackey was the only place selling the 10″ EP, and their shipping prices were beyond ridiculous. When pre-orders first went live MerchLackey supplied only one shipping option, which was very expensive and overpriced, around $11 for most people for priority mail. As time wore on though MerchLackey gradually put up more shipping options and also lowered shipping prices on some options. Ultimately MerchLackey screwed over people who were the first to pre-order. All pre-orders through MerchLackey came with an immediate download code, supplied via email, but some people did not receive the download codes, even after emailing MerchLackey’s customer service about it.  I waited to buy this EP after seeing the shipping prices, and was able to get first class mail for $5, which was still a bit overpriced but better than spending $11 and change. Eventually Interpunk started selling copies as well, which is when many people decided to finally pull the trigger and buy Sauve Les Requins.


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