TS & The Past Haunts – Gone And Goner

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Vinyl
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TS & The Past Haunts is a new band featuring the former frontman of Piebald, Travis Shettel. This new band sounds similar to Piebald mixed with a bit of Jack White’s various bands like The Raconteurs and White Stripes. if you’re a fan of Piebald, especially some of their later albums, you will enjoy TS & The Past Haunts. No Sleep Records released TS & The Past Haunts debut album, Gone And Goner, pressing it on four different variants/colors.

There is a tour pressing, which is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl and has a different cover than the regular pressing. These covers are all hand-numbered on the front. Copies for this tour press also feature blank center labels, as they were pressed as “advance test presses” to be sold on tour. Another big difference is that these copies do not come with a printed dust sleeve like the regular pressing does. The regular pressing is pressed on red vinyl limited to 500 copies and green vinyl limited to 300 copies. Red and green copies feature the album’s artwork instead of the special cover that comes with the tour pressing, and come with a printed dust sleeve that features the lyrics and liner notes. There is also a 2012 No Sleep Records Subscription variant, which is limited to 200 copies on white vinyl. These copies come in the same jacket as the red and green copies, but a letter pressed obi-strip/”wrap around” on brown paper is included for the subscription exclusive copies along with a special b-side center label. The only way to get these subscription copies was to subscribe to one of the several options that included either all vinyl releases (LP, 7″ and 10″) for 2012 or just every album on vinyl for No Sleep’s annual subscription.

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