I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business – Gold Rush

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Vinyl
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This record is a perfect example of what can go wrong when an upstart vinyl only “label” is established. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort it takes to release music, but with the upswing in the vinyl marketplace over the past few years and the licensing albums to press on vinyl trend, it has opened the door for people who have no business running a label doing so. Many of these upstart labels are run efficiently and smoothly, but in the mean time, others, like the label that released Gold Rush by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business on vinyl, seem to go about everything the wrong way.

American Dream Records, a “label” run by two guys who frequent one of the most childish, ill-informed and argumentative  message boards/music news sites around (absoultepunk), released this album by The Early November frontman Ace Enders. Rather than spending my time summing up everything that went wrong in one fashion or another with this release, I will post a link to a thread devoted to this release. It’s well worth the read, and I strongly advise everyone to take the time to read the entire 13 page thread as you will not be disappointed in the sheer comic value found in it.


The pressing info for the record is as follows; 50 copies on 180 gram black vinyl with “hand written” lyric sheets, 75 copies on “Riverside Blue with gold swirl” (which turned out to be clear with blue and gold/yellow splatter), 100 copies on “Maroon clay with gold marble” (which turned out to b maroon with black marble) and 125 copies of “Gold Rush” yellow (which turned out to be orange). The 180 gram copies cost $30 before shipping, while all the other variants originally only cost $15. The 180 gram copies were also sort of a special edition in that it was more limited than all the other variants, was the only one pressed on 180 gram vinyl (all others were pressed on 140 gram) and included “hand written” lyrics, which turned out to be a sham. The lyrics sheets that were supposed to be hand written technically were, but customers who spent the extra $15 were disappointed to find a photo copied piece of paper for the lyrics to just one song off the album.

On a personal note, the way this release was handled and the behavior of one of the guys who runs American Dream Records (read the entire thread linked to above to get the full gist of everything that transpired over the course of this release) sat wrong with me since day one. So much so that I refused to give the label any of my money and never will. I was able to buy this record from someone on a message board for less than it would have cost me had I bought it from the label. Below is a photo of the “‘Riverside Blue’ with gold swirl” that somehow turned out to be clear with blue and gold/yellow splatter .

  1. Sydney Burch says:

    My boyfriend is a huge Ace Enders fan and I have done everything but apply for a credit card to afford this limited edition vinyl. I won’t even begin to waste my time conjuring up words to describe his love for this album. I have been looking on anything and everything and just found one for sale on ebay for $120. Is there anyway you could potentially point me in a cheaper direction? Things have been rough and money is tight. Any help is accepted at this point, I just want to make this kids heart happy.


    • Sydney Burch says:

      Also I realize that this article was posted in 2012, but I’m desperate!


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      at this point the only place to get this record is on the secondary market. it’s where I bought mine years ago, via a message board. ebay will always have the highest prices. Discogs is another route you can take, but prices on there can be just as bad as ebay.

      this particular record was pressed in a relatively small amount, by a label that, to say the least, did a lot of things wrong. so it’s a tough find in general, let alone for a decent price. i likely won’t ever be selling my copy.


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