The Juliana Theory – Emotion Is Dead (1st Press)

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Vinyl

I’ve had this record for a while but held off on posting it until I was able to grab the other Juliana Theory records missing from my collection. Emotion Is Dead has been out of print for a few years now and was released by CI Records. There were 1500 copies pressed on grey marble vinyl, and the shades of the grey vary from a very light grey to almost purple. All copies were also individually numbered on the back of the jacket, which was done on a strip of paper attached to the jacket.

Prices for this record vary on ebay, but they usually go for around $30. I believe the guy who runs CI Records still has some copies left, but he wants $45 ppd for them at this point rather than just selling them for what they originally sold for, which was around $20. I think the copies CI still has are over run copies, which are not numbered. I bought a copy from someone on a message board for $25, and it came un-numbered. When I asked him about it he told he won it on ebay from CI Records and it was sent to him without a number.

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