Dustin Kensrue – Please Come Home (1st Press)

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Vinyl
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Dustin Kensrue’s debut solo album, Please Come Home was released on vinyl by Enjoy The Ride Records, with a total of 1,000 copies pressed split across three colors; brown limited to 475 copies,  white/clear swirl mix limited to 475 copies and swirl limited to 50 copies. The swirl copies are a mix of the brown and clear/white mix colors, but turned out mostly brown with bits of white swirled in around the edges. Most of these swirl copies are unique, as some have more white mixed in than others. They are also more transparent than the regular brown copies, as if you hold them up to the light you can see through it to a certain extent. Brown copies were sold exclusively through Enjoy The Ride Records’ webstore and Equal Vision Record’s webstore, as the album  was licensed from Equal Vision. The white/clear swirl copies were a Hot Topic exclusive. The /50 swirls were randomly inserted into orders instead of the color a customer ordered.

The brown and white/clear swirl copies were out of 500 copies each, but given the /50 copies of the swirl 25 copies of each of the main colors were taken away. An important note for people still looking for a copy of this record or a brown copy, Equal Vision’s webstore apparently still has copies up for sale as of writing this, so don’t pay ebay price for it as it’s might still available for $17.


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