Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters 7″

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl

The first 7″ from Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, “Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters” was pressed on three different colors; seafoam blue limited to 500 copies, white limited to 500 copies and black limited to 1000 copies. Seafoam blue was orignally seafoam green, but changed somewhere along the line without warning. One day it was called seafoam green and the next it was seafoam blue.What might have happened was that the records came out blue instead of green, because they are baby blue in color, but I don’t know what “seafoam blue” is supposed to look like. Not a big deal, but I think seafoam green would match the artwork much better than seafoam blue does, but the blue still looks better with the artwork than white or black will.

The 7″ features two new songs, “Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters” and “String Bean Jean-Piano Fix. The 7” comes with a download code, and if you order directly from Asian Man Records it will ship immediately. Well at least mine showed up a few dayas after ordering and well before the May 1st release date.


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