Park – It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl

It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going was also released by Shit Radio Cast, as was Park’s No Signal. Both albums were released at the same time. If you read my this blog enough you already have an idea of my feelings regarding SRC, which a bit more can be read in the entry for No Signal, but with these records there was no purchasing alternative.

SRC ran into some trouble with It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going, as one of the colors did not turn out as hoped. Originally one of the colors was meant to be clear yellow with black swirl, but it turned out having more green in it than wanted so SRC had the plant go back and adjust the color to better match the artwork. This color became opaque yellow rather than clear, but still had the black swirl mixed in. There were 20 copies pressed of the error color, which were eventually put up for sale on SRC, which was when I decided to place an order for the Park records rather than waiting hoping SRC would send ut copies to any other retailers.

The full pressing info for It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going is 20 copies on the error color which is yellow/black/green mix (pictured below), 250 copies on fire orange with black smoke and 250 copies on opaque yellow with black swirl. The 20 copies of the error pressing are additional to the 500 total copies originally meant for the pressing. It Won’t Snow… was pressed as a single LP but still comes housed in a gatefold jacket. It has a glossy finish, just like with the jacket for No Signal, and it sounds just a great as No Signal. No insert is included, but the liner notes are printed inside the gatefold. I think the gatefold for this record is nicer and has more substance than the one for No Signal. Again, the price tag is on the steeper side at $17 for a single LP, but considering the overall quality of the release the price is nothing to be discontent with.


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