Park – No Signal

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl

One of my biggest fears came true when Shit Radio Cast became a “label” and actually released a record I wanted. Some people swear by SRC, but all my experiences with them up until now have been nothing but problems, major headaches and ridiculousness. So much so that I refused to buy anything from them, even if it meant having to spend more money to order a record elsewhere. With these two Park records I had to bite the bullet and order from SRC since they are the only place selling the records, despite my  attempts to get other distros and even my local record store to carry them. To my amazement my order for No Signal and It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going did not sit n back-order purgatory and it took zero emails for my order to actually be shipped and received.

There were a total of 500 copies of No Signal pressed as a double LP spread evenly across two different colors; 250 copies on cloudy blue and 250 on translucent purple mix. The records come housed in a thick gatefold jacket with a glossy finish, one of the nicest quality jackets I have in my collection. Rather than including an insert, the liner notes are printed inside the gatefold. I opted for cloudy blue after seeing some a picture of the purple color, which is so dark is looks black. The cloudy blue color is mostly clear with bits of blue swirled in. My A/B disc has far more blue mixed in than my C/D disc, but the C/D disc gives off the “cloudy blue” effect they were going for much better. As for sound quality No Signal was done right. It sounds fantastic because of the mastering and plating job. It seems no expense was spared in the vinyl release of No Signal, which is further illustrated by the $25 price tag, but after getting the record in my hands I have no qualms about the price.

  1. Paul Mizzi says:

    Press more!!!!


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      there really isn’t a need to press more. it took $RC years to sell out of it, at least sell out of stock they kept to sell themselves in their web store. that may be a bit misleading too, as it wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason they don’t have copies listed for sale themselves anymore is because they gave a good chunk of the pressing to distributors so places like Amazon and other distros (Sound Stage Direct, Music Direct, Smartpunk, etc.) can have the burden of selling them.

      and on top of that $RC had to put both of their Park releases, along with stuff from far more popular/widely known bands like Yellowcard, Saosin, Far, Finch, Say Anything and Alkaline Trio on clearance in order to move old stock. at one point they were selling both of their Park releases for $5. and if that wasn’t enough, copies of No Signal have and are currently being sold for way less than $RC’s retail price too.


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