Scream – No More Censorship (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl
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No More Censorship is one of only two Scream studio albums that Dave Grohl appears on. It’s a great album from the late 80’s DC punk and hardcore scene. Since Dave Grohl was a member of the band for this album, the price of it tends to be a little higher, with some down right ridiculous prices on ebay. No More Censorship has its fair share of detractors and admirers. But it will always have its place in music history as being one of first releases Dave Grohl appears on. It’s Grohl’s first studio album with Scream, marking his first venture with a nationally known and touring band. When he formed Foo Fighters and they were in need of a guitarist to replace Pat Smear, he looked no further than his old Scream band mate Franz Stahl.

The first pressing was released in 1988 by RAS Records. It was only pressed on black vinyl, and pressing info was never released as far as I can tell. In 2017 the record was re-pressed after being OOP of close to 30 years. It was done by Southern Lord Records and was released for Record Store Day Black Friday 2017. It features new, alternate cover art, an exclusive booklet to this pressing and it was re-mastered at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studios. Grohl has pre-existing relationship with Southern Lord, as they released one of his many side projects; Probot. Along with all those new touches, the record was also pressed on colored vinyl for the first time, and features an exclusive obi-strip.

The booklet is advertised as 32 pages, but is actually only 30 pages, unless you count the front and back cover, which are never counted in page counts. The ob-strip slides over the jacket horizontally instead of vertically, which makes it tough to open this record without removing the shrink-wrap if you’re so inclined to keep the shrink on your records. Along with all these exclusive extras found with the second pressing, there is also exclusive bonus tracks; “God Squad” and “GLC.”
In order to get the bonus track on the album, they had to re-arrange pretty much the entire track listing. Here is the original track listing of the 1989 pressing:
A1 Hit Me
A2 No More Censorship
A3 Fucked Without A Kiss
A4 No Escape
A5 Building Dreams
B1 Take It From The Top
B2 Something In My Head
B3 It’s The Time
B4 Binge
B5 Run To The Sun
B6 In The Beginning…

And here is the track listing for the 2017 re-press:
A1 Take It From The Top
A2 Something In My Head
A3 Binge
A4 God Squad
A5 Hit Me
A6 Dreams ***(Building Dreams on original release)***
B1 No More Censorship
B2 It’s The Time
B3 Fucked Without A Kiss
B5 Run To The Sun
B6 No Escape

Southern Lord not only had to rearrange the track listing, they actually omitted songs on the re-press that were found on the original release. “In The Beginning…” is the song not found on the 2017 re-press. This re-press is also re-mastered. The band found the original multi-track tapes and Southern Lord had them prepped for a remix at Grohl’s 606 studio, which was overseen by both Franz and Pete Stahl.
There are at least three variants for this re-press; translucent green, translucent/clear orange and red. There may also be a fourth variant, which would be yellow. One person on Discogs said they have a copy on yellow, but he/she could easily be thinking of the translucent/clear orange variant. This person made no further description of the color of their copy, as in opaque or translucent/clear, and didn’t upload pictures of it. I know some people consider the color of the translucent/clear orange variant yellow. The only pressing info given, which is straight from the official RSD list, is a total of 1500 copies. While the list only makes mention of a “red/yellow” variant, they don’t break down the pressing info by color/variant.
The aforementioned book is printed to replicate a composition notebook lots of us are familiar with from our school days before computers took over. It’s full of promo and live photos of the band, writings, poems and doodles from band members, and newspaper clippings from the late 80s (which was a tumultuous time politically).The obi-strip is not attached together. It’s actually a strip of paper with sticky tape on one half of it, which has a protector placed over the tape portion in order to keep it from being used. It’s a nice touch, because it allows those who want to keep the shrink wrap on the record, or easily intact, able to do so. No download card/code is included with this release, which is a shame. The re-master sounds pretty good, and it would’ve been nice to have to proper MP3 files of it.



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