The Horrible Crowes – Record Store Day 7″/Live At Fingerprints 7″

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl
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I was under the assumption that The Horrible Crowes’ 2012 Record Store Day release would be called “Live At Fingerprints,” but when I picked it up at my store i was surprised to find it simply titled “Record Store Day 7″.” The artwork was also far different from what was initially released, as rather than a cartoonish drawing of Brian Fallon and Ian Perkins with crows heads, it’s a candid photograph of Fallon and Perkins.

As implied by the original titled, the songs were recorded live at Fingerprints, a record store in Long Beach, CA. There were 1,000 copies pressed, a Fingerprints exclusive on blood red limited to 300 copies and black limited 700 copies, which was made available to all other stores. I’m not a big fan of the regional or certain store exclusive colors. While it is a special thing for the store the songs were record in, it penalizes variant collectors who don’t happen to live anywhere near southern California. It also further perpetuates flipping. The blood red and black colors continues the theme going with Horrible Crowes vinyl releases, as all of their releases have been pressed on blood red or black vinyl.


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