The Sound Of Animals Fighting – The Ocean And The Sun 7″

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl
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After about four years this 7″ was made available for purchase on its own. Originally The Sound Of Animals Fighting 7″ was only available through an absurd $100 package that included one of four mask one of the members of TSOAF wore as their alter ego. I believe one was a cat, one was a boar or pig, one was a vulture and the other a goat. Some of the packages sold out despite the price, to many people’s amazement.  Even more amazing was that not one single copy of the 7″ popped up on ebay in the about four years since the aforementioned package was put up for sale.

I am not 100% sure of the pressing info for this 7″, but there are at least 400 copies of it since that is how many of the packages were available. Each mask was limited to 100 pieces. There could be many more copies of this 7″ pressed, and the copies put up for sale last week might be a new pressing, but the later is highly unlikely as  it sold out within a few hours. There are two songs featured on the 7″, “The Ocean And The Sun” on the a-side and “The Heraldic Beak Of The Manufacturer’s Medallion” on the b-side.


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