Moneen – Hold That Sound EP

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Vinyl

Hold That Sound was released a few months ahead of The World I Want To Leave Behind as a sort of teaser for the full length album I believe. Two of the four tracks on this EP would later appear on the full length album, “Hold That Sound” and “Waterfalls.” “The Way” would also later appear on The World I Want To Leave Behind in a different form, not acoustic.

Dine Alone Records released this EP and pressed it on three different colors out of 500 copies total; white limited to 200 copies, black limited to 200 copies and 100 on clear. There was also a fourth color, as seven copies wound up being pressed on black/white swirl, which might be a transition press. Also, likely due to overrun, the final amounts of each color are 223 copies on black, 216 on white, and 114 on clear. All copies come with a download card.

This EP is sold out pretty much everywhere and is listed as OOP on Dine Alone’s website. But as of writing this Merchnow still has at least one copy up for sale…


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