Moneen – The Red Tree (2nd Press)

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Vinyl

The Red Tree was re-pressed and released on Record Store Day 2012. The second pressing of the album features different artwork from the first pressing. There is the top of just one tree added in along the bottom, whereas there is a faint treeline just above the red banner on the cover of the first pressing. The album is still pressed as a double LP for the second pressing, but the color changed from white with red splatter for the first pressing to white and red for the second pressing. The first disc (sides A-B) is white and the second disc (sides C-D) is red. The same two vinyl only bonus tracks that were present on the first pressing are still included with this second pressing. Those songs are at the end of the album and are entitled “His Own Anomaly (39 42′ 10″ N 044 16′ 30″ E)” and “Prepare Yourself… The Worst Is Tet To Come.”

Also included with the second pressing of the album is a bonus 7″ that features two unreleased songs.  The 7″ is pressed on black vinyl and comes inside the gatefold jacket that houses the album. The songs featured on the bonus 7″ are demo versions of “Hating Makes Hate OK” and “I’m Afraid Of The Lost Parade.” But considering they are b-sides, it’s better to hear a demo version of the songs than to never hear them at all.

There were 500 copies pressed for the second pressing, and it sold out in one day. There were only 300 copies pressed for the first pressing and it became one of the most sought after records out there. Surprisingly, the second pressing did not sell out nearly as fast as I expected it would. Even though it was a Record Store Day release, the record did not get on to the official RSD list, so Dine Alone held back a good portion of the pressing to sell online. Quite a few copies did make it out to Canadian stores for RSD, but zero copies made their way out of Canada to be sold in brick & mortar stores.

It was announced well ahead of time exactly when copies would be put up for sale online, they went up a few minutes early and I was able to snag one with zero hiccups. Which is even more amazing considering Shit Radio Cast handles shipping for Dine Alone Records. The record did not even sell out in minutes, which was the most amazing thing. They lasted close to two hours if not longer.


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