Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Vinyl

I finally got around to picking up this album as I was able to get a good on it. With the limited releases and pre-order craze it’s refreshing to be able to easily get a record well after it’s released for at or below retail price. There are two different pressings on this album, a French pressing and a U.S. pressing. Which makes sense since the band is signed to a French label, Kitsune Music.

I am not entirely sure how, or if the French pressing differs from the U.S. pressing other than the fact they were released by two different labels (Kitsune Music for the French pressing and Glassnote in the U.S.). The U.S. pressing is on 180 gram white vinyl and comes with a fold out poster that has the liner notes printed on it. From all the info I could dig up on the French pressing, all I could find was that it was pressed on colored vinyl (no specific color mentioned) and that is comes with a poster with the liner notes. The poster could potentially be the same as the one with the U.S. pressing, but without knowing for sure I do not want to say one way or the other. I also do not know the pressing info for either pressing as it was never released and inquiries sent to either label and the band themselves have gone unanswered.

Yes the poster pictured below is censored by my own hands as there is a topless woman featured on one panel. I don’t want this blog to be flagged for adult content, which is the reason for the image being blacked out.

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