Mae – The Everglow (1st Press)

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Vinyl

The hardest Record Store Day (RSD) release for me to get this year was Mae’s The Everglow. In the five years Record Store Day has been held, this was the first time my local store did not get in a single copy of a release I wanted. I asked them to get it, was told they would order it, but come to find out the day of they never ordered it. Which is odd because they did order the two other Tooth & Nail RSD releases. There were 1,000 copies pressed as a double LP on black vinyl. The records come housed in a gatefold jacket, which has some of the nicest artwork I’ve ever seen. The gatefold artwork may come from the CD booklet, but I do not own the CD version of the album so I do not know for sure.

It turned out this was a highly sought after release, as I expected from the get go but not to the extent it was. Of course copies popped up on ebay minutes after RSD kicked off, and prices on this record sky rocketed up over $100 by the time the sun went down that same day. The prices this record was fetching on ebay compelled even more people to put their copy on ebay, those who were on the fence about flipping it or not, and probably some people who actually wanted to keep the album but could not pass up a $100 profit. To add to the scarcity of the records, many people who bought a copy from their local store on RSD did so for the sole intent of using it as trade bait. With those people having lofty and unrealistic trade goals and refusing to budge from their want list. Those people are slightly better than downright flippers, but not by much in my opinion. Just let people who actually want to listen to the record and add it to their collection have the records instead of dragging on some frustrating dog and pony show.

As many people expected and counted on, Tooth & Nail (T&N) held back a good chunk of copies to sell online in their webstore, telling people on Twitter and Facebook to “check back next week.” Next week happened to be around 8 am on Monday April 23, which was when T&N/Merchdirect put up the first batch of records. They sold out in a matter of minutes, which prompted people to flood both T&N and Mae’s Facebook with comments complaining or begging for more copies to be sold. The later had their wishes fulfilled as T&N released several batches of the records throughout the day to meet demand and give people a fair crack at buying the record. A big catch was that either T&N or Merchdirect automatically added a free rubber bracelet to everyone’s order, which eliminated media mail shipping (the cheapest option) and tacked on an additonal three odd dollars in shipping charges on to the order total as a result. Not really a rip off or cash grab since you are getting a bracelet they sell for $3 for free, but many people perceived it to be a questionable move.

The record is now out of print, and people are back to paying big bucks for this on ebay or through other means. Although not as high as $100, but still at least double the $16 or so price tag these originally retailed for. Odds are T&N will not re-press this any time soon, if at all.

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