Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Vinyl

This was supposed to be a Record Store Day (RSD) 2012 release but apparently was not pressed in time for RSD, even though Pirates Press had pictures of it up on their blog on April 13. Instead it was released three weeks after RSD, the week of May 7.

Immigraniada was pressed as a 12″ on yellow vinyl featuring four remix versions of songs off Gogol Bordello’s latest album, Trans-Continental Hustle. There were only 1,000 copies pressed. One weird thing about this release is that it’s housed in a DJ type jacket, but the cover is not die-cut side, it’s the full panel side. It also open from the top rather than the side. One cool thing is if you slide the record into the jacket so that the a-side faces the back of the jacket and is right side up, (so you can read it) it completes an image of the Brazilian Flag.

The 12″ features two songs on each side. It has “Immigraniada (Bassnectar Remix)” and “Trans-Continental Hustle (Samba Ab-Surdu Mix)”  on the a-side and “Frequencies Of Love (Pedro Meirellles Mix)” and “Trans-Continental Hustle (Rio Cigano Mix)” on the b-side.

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