Jimmy Eat World/Emery – Split 7″

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Vinyl

This is the frist split Jimmy Eat World ever released, which came out in 1995. The 7″ was released by Ordinary Records, which I believe is now defunct and has been for quite some time. Before I get a ton of comments asking about it, this is NOT the Tooth & Nail Records band Emery. It’s an entirely different band hailing from Los Angeles that was very short-lived.

All copies were pressed on black vinyl and I do not know how many copies were pressed. This is a pretty rare 7″ though, and only pops up for sale once or twice a year, if that. These don’t change hands that much. Odds are the person selling it is clearing out their entire collection. They few I’ve seen up for sale have gone for no less than $20, but usually end up going for closer to $40. I was lucky enough to be checking my email at the right time and got a Discogs alert that someone was selling this split, for $14 to boot.


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