Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American 7″

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Vinyl

One of the many sudden changes for sensitivity reasons following the September 11th terrorist attacks included this 7″. The single for the title track off Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American underwent a title change following that tragic day, going from “Bleed American” to “Salt Sweat Sugar.” Hopefully this entry will clear up some confusion too, as the “Salt Sweat Sugar” 7″ is not a bootleg as some people think.

All copies released prior to 9/11/01 were pressed on black vinyl and came in a jacket with “Bleed American” printed on the cover. The track listing as lists “Bleed American” on the back and on the a-side center label. Following 9/11, the 7″ went out of production for a brief bit to undergo some not so subtle changes. While the artwork remains 95% the same, gone are the words “Bleed American,” which are replaced by “Salt Sweat Sugar,” which is taken from the song’s chorus. The track listing was also changed to feature ‘Salt Sweat Sugar.” The color of vinyl was changed as well, going from black to white. One thing that remains constant is that between the two versions/pressings is the actual track listing. The song “Bleed American” is on the a-side, whether listed as “Bleed American” or “Salt Sweat Sugar,” and the b-side is a demo version of the song “Your House.”

I am not sure of the pressing info for either version/pressing, and I am not even sure if the “Salt Sweat Sugar” version would be considered a legit second pressing or not since the title of the release was technically changed despite it being the same release. The catalog numbers are different between the two though. I don’t know if one version is mare rare than the other, but the “Salt Sweat Sugar” copies tend to sell for more money than the “Bleed American” versions for whatever reason.


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