Matt Skiba And The Sekrets – Babylon

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Vinyl
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One of the many side projects by Matt Skiba is this latest one, Matt Skiba And The Sekrets. Their debut release, Babylon, was released over a month ago but the vinyl version was delayed for a few weeks. It was even later getting in my hands because there were a few other things on the order that held it up from shipping. The Sekrets album is similar in vain to Skiba’s latest works, and some of the some on the album are re-worked versions from his demos album that was released by Asian Man Records not too long ago.

The album was pressed on several different colors, with some being exclusive to certain retailers. There was also a Euro version released by Greenhell in Germany. There was an Interpunk exclusive on white vinyl that was limited to 300 copies, a Hot Topic exclusive on red vinyl limited to 666 copies, the Euro version mentioned above on green vinyl limited to 100 copies and there are is also an unannounced amount on black vinyl, which is widely available. However, black might be limited to 666 copies as well based off what someone who has a copy after he said it was numbered /666. What was unknown at the time was that the record would come housed in a gatefold jacket and would be pressed on 180 gram vinyl (at least the white copies were), which explains the $17 price tag for a single LP. So consider that before complaining about the price. All copies except for the white Interpunk exclusive seem to be hand numbered as well. Why the white copies aren’t numbered is anyone’s guess. But many people may be turned off from buying this album entirely now after the train wreck that was the band’s first ever show in Chicago last night (6/7/12).

I believe both U.S. exclusive colors are out of print. I know the Interpunk copies are and they are now selling only black copies, but with the Hot Topic copies there may still be some sitting on the shelves in stores anywhere in the country. The Greenhell color is still available as of writing this.


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