Motion City Soundtrack – Go

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Vinyl

Motion City Soundtrack’s latest album Go, only received one limited variant, grey swirl limited to 500 copies. The record was also pressed on black vinyl, which will probably be kept in print for quite a while. All copies come with a CD as well. Rather than an insert Epitaph opted for a full color printed dust sleeve that has the liner notes on it. The grey swirl was only available from Kings Road Merch and is out of print, but it took a few weeks to sell out. The grey “swirl” is also more of a marble than swirl.

I don’t have a copy on black vinyl,  but the grey swirl is one of the lightest and flimsiest records I own. It’s so bad that if you hold it by one edge it starts to bend over on itself. There is so much flex that anyone could easily snap it in half with zero effort. I’m not a stickler for 180 gram, but there is a line between good quality records and crap. This record teeters towards crap. It doesn’t sound all that great as a result. It’s not the worst sounding record I ever played, but it leaves a lot to be desired.


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