At The Drive-In – Vaya (3rd Press)

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Vinyl

Vaya was recently re-pressed just in time for At The Drive-In’s reunion show at Coachella this year. The rest of At The Drive-In’s back catalog may be getting re-pressed as well, as a re-pressing of In/Casino/Out was officially announced a few weeks ago. This current pressing of Vaya is the third overall, with this go around receiving both a U.S. and Euro pressing. As a result there a several variants.

There was a Coachella exclusive color that was pressed on yellow vinyl limited to 500 copies. These were also hand numbered (the only variant to be numbered) as well and copies were alloted for both days of Coachella. To no one’s surprise a good portion of the Coachella exclusives wound up being flipped on ebay, with the first copies popping up while the first day of the was still going on. Got to love smart phones and ebay mobile!

The rest of the U.S. pressing consisted of two more colors, pink limited to 3000 copies and red limited to 1000 copies. Red was a Hot Topic exclusive and as of writing this is still available along with the pink, which is the color being sold by everyone other than Hot Topic. The Euro pressing was recently announced, and it will be on half pink/half yellow limited to 2000 copies. The pink turned out looking more like red though.

The first pressing was pressed on baby blue vinyl limited to 300 copies and the second pressing was pressed on white vinyl limited to 700 copies. All pressings of this EP were done as a 10″.




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