Right Away, Great Captain! – Trilogy (1st Press)

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Vinyl
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The solo project of Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull, Right Away, Great Captain! recently released the final chapter in his trilogy of albums centered around a sailer and his trials and tribulations both at sea and on dry land. The first chapter, The Bitter End, was released in 2007. It was followed with the releases of The Eventually Home in 2008 and The Church Of The Good Thief to bring the story to a close in 2012.

Rather than opt to press each album in the trilogy on vinyl separately, Hull decided to wait and release the trilogy in one complete set. It was pressed as a 4xLP encompassing the entire trilogy limited to 1,000 copies. The Bitter End was pressed as a double LP The Eventually Home and The Church Of The Good Thief are a single LP. The entire set is housed is a tri-fold jacket, with each album getting its own panel to slide into. Both LP’s for The Bitter End slide in to the same panel. Not the most secure packaging but the options for any release larger than a double LP are few and far between. Given the circumstance the jacket is thick and sturdy.

All copies are hand-numbered and autographed on the back of the jacket. The Bitter End is pressed on orange vinyl, The Eventually Home is pressed on blue/grey vinyl and The Church Of The Good Thief is pressed on green vinyl. From photos I have seen of other sets, the colors of each record are extremely varied. This is not unexpected thing when it comes to vinyl, but with this release is seems to be a lot more noticeable as it seems no two are the same. I have seen some have the blue be much darker and feature less grey, some have the orange have more of a yellow hue and some feature much more marbling than others. The cover art is new and unique for this release, but the artwork on the panel for each respected album is inspired by said album. In the case of The Church Of The Good Thief, the panel art is the actual album art.

Along with the regular version of the trilogy, which was solely the vinyl and nothing more, a deluxe version limited to 120 copies was also offered. Along with the 4xLP trilogy, the deluxe version also came with a bunch of exclusives including a 14 track album entitled The Lost Sea featuring demos, outtakes and unused songs, a handmade bronze whale key chain stamped with “RAGC”, a 36-page book of handwritten lyrics  and 6×4 photo print signed. All the extra items except the key chain were hand-numbered and autographed by Hull as well. the deluxe version sold for double the price of the regular version, $120. Mentioning the price is by no means a complaint on my part, I’m stating it for the sake of being thorough.

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