The Killers – Tranquilize 7″

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Vinyl

There are two different version of the single for “Tranquilize.” Both are in the form of a 7″, but one is a one-sided etched disc and the other is your standard two-sided promo only release. The etched version is a UK release and comes in a typical picture disc sleeve while the promo version, on black vinyl, was a U.S. release that comes housed in a regular  picture sleeve. The promo version was given out around the release of The Killers’ b-sides album Sawdust.

Given that one of the versions is a single-sided disc, the only song found on it is the title track. The b-side on the promo version is “Shadowplay.” On both versions the single is featuring Lou Reed. I’m not sure if one version is rare than the other nor do I know pressing info for either version. Both cost the same amount of money, so I opted for the promo version because it actually has a b-side track.


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