Hellogoodbye – Would It Kill You? (1st Press)

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Vinyl

Hellogoodbye’s second album and first to be pressed on vinyl, Would It Kill You was self released by the band on their own label, Wasted Summer Records. This album is much more mature than their previous efforts but is not too big of a departure from their keyboard/synth laden pop rock. I know some people wrote Hellogoodbye off as a cheesy pop rock act when they were still signed to Drive-Thru Records, but the band deserves another listen with an open mind with this latest effort.

There were 1000 copies pressed on white vinyl and the record comes in a  full colorphoto dust sleeve. At first the only place to buy the record was directly through the band from their webstore, but the band has now sold out of after having copies available for well over a year. It’s probably close to going out of print entirely, as the distributor that carries the record only had 10 copies last I checked. The band sold copies of the record in their webstore, but overcharged on shipping, as they wanted $10 to ship one LP. The total came out to $25, possibly even $20 (I don’t remember if the LP cost $15 or $20 from the band), which kept me from ordering the record even though the album is a great listen. Your best bet to find a copy now is on ebay or asking your local record store to order a copy, should there be any left.  However, there are a few record stores that utilize ebay to sell some of their inventory set at a retail priced BIN. So you should be able to score this record for no more than $20 shipped.


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