The Early November – In Currents [Regular Version (1st Press) & Photo Book Version]

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Vinyl

I was going to wait and post this until I received the photo book with the 180 gram LP, but it’s delayed till the end of August EDIT –  make that mid November. So without further delay here is the entry for The Early November’s first album after their hiatus/break up, In Currents.

I’m a big fan of The Early November, and initially I was disappointed with this album. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was a little let down after the first listen. After a few more listens the album started to grow on me, and it is still growing on me with every listen. But with that said I would still put The Room’s Too Cold ahead of this album in the typical ranking of a band’s discography. In Currents is about even with The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path in my opinion, but as time goes on I can see In Currents overtaking the triple disc album.

As mentioned above, this is the band’s first album after reuniting from a five-year hiatus and subsequently first release on Rise Records. There were several variants for the record, with some being exclusive to certain retailers or packages. First there were 300 copies on red, which was only available in a bundle that included a t-shirt and poster. There is a Hot Topic exclusive color, which is white limited to 1000 copies. There is also the aforementioned photo book that is limited to 1000 copies and contains the record on 180 gram black vinyl. There are 500 copies on clear, which may or may not be a Rise exclusive. Finally there are 700 copies on green, which is widely available and not exclusive to any specific package or retailer.

After much delay, the photo books started shipping in mid November, oh so close to one of the best puns in history. In this day and age delays with records shipping are more common than the sun rising, but these photo books pushed the envelope very far. Pre-orders went up in April, and while lately I have held off on pre-ordering as long as I could or not pre-ordering at all in some instance, I made the decision to pre-order In Currents the day it went up for sale, which was in April 2012. The record did not have a release date till July so most would assume that time-table could easily be met, boy was everyone wrong. What made this even more laughable is that Minus The Bear and Bad Books released similar book packages, that went up for pre-order  and had a release date later than The Early November, but still managed to ship on or close to the street date. Granted the MTB and bad Books books were smaller in size, it’s still no excuse given how long the In Currents book was being planned, at least 7 months, probably longer.

But with all that said about the photo books, it was well worth the wait. While some are disappointed in it for various reasons, I am thrilled with it. The cover is made of cloth, which is a nice touch. The book itself is more of a retrospective of the band’s entire history, not just through the making of In Currents. There are photos from the band’s first few shows, photos of the band hanging out in their early days, little blurbs written by and about each member of the band, photos of back stage passes from festivals and shows the band played and various live shots of the band. Advertised as 100 pages, the book is actually longer than that by a few pages, not counting the blank pages at the end.

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