Brand New – Jude Law And A Semester Abroad 7″

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Vinyl

Arguably the hardest and most expensive Brand New record released thus far. More emphasis on the hardest to find though since the couple hundred people who have it are not in the selling mood. Price wise this 7″ rivals Deja Entendu as when it does pop up on ebay or other means of sale it tends to go for close to $300. There were only 200 copies pressed on black vinyl and it was released in the UK on Eat Sleep Records.

I was not only fortunate enough to find a copy up for sale, but very fortunate it to be on the very cheap side all things considered. My out of pocket expense on this was $30, and no, I’m not joking. I couldn’t believe my luck but was a little skeptical because of the low price tag. While I’m not 100% sold on Discogs because of some of the people who sell on there (rude, uptight, refusal to cooperate  answering questions) and how wrong and/or out of date some of their information is this, but time it was a huge benefit. Actually one of the few times everything worked out, where I got the email update for things on my wantlist quick enough for the record to still be available and the price was not somewhere on Jupiter. In the end it was not too good to be true, as the 7″ was shipped the next day, was packaged properly and was not beat to hell when it arrived.

  1. I am so excited to see all your posts about Brand New vinyl. I have a few of their albums on vinyl but the others are way too expensive online so I would love to know where you find them at such amazing prices!
    I have an original pressing of Your Favorite Weapon on blue vinyl signed by Jesse Lacey (it was given to me by a friend many years ago), I have the white Your Favorite Weapon re-issue (from Hot Topic) and I just bought a clear re-issue at their concert last night that I’m not going to open.
    FYI – they are re-issuing Devil & God this November and the limited edition 2500 on clear is available now for pre-order.

    If you have an tips about where I can find their vinyl at a more reasonable price – I’d love to know. Thanks!


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      most of this stuff will never be re-pressed. mainly their 7″ singles. so you will have to shell out a good chunk of change for it this late in the game. i bought 90% of the Brand New stuff when it was originally released. for the albums just wait for re-presses.

      a Deja re-press is bound to happen, most likely some time next year for a 10th anniversary edition. just be patient and/or have a tight lid on your wallet and don’t go over your spending limit (something everyone needs to have and be strict on). it took me years to track down the Jude Law 7″ for under $300 and i wound up getting it for under $50. same goes for the Sic Transit Gloria 7″ on red, took me years to get it for under $30.


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