Socratic – Lunch For The Sky

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Vinyl

When I first heard that Socratic albums were going to be pressed on vinyl I was shocked, then slightly disappointed, then thrilled. I  went to high school with a couple of guys from Socratic and played various levels of baseball and soccer with Duane growing up as well. If I was going to start a label I would want to work with these guys and help release any new music they created, along with getting their back catalog on vinyl. Which is where the disappoint hit, but only briefly as I knew I would never have the time to see a label through to a high standard and run it the way it should be run. After that realization I was very happy that someone would think enough of their albums to press them on vinyl.

Broken Heart Records released both Lunch For The Sky and the band’s most recent, self-titled album on vinyl. Pressing 500 copies of each spread across three color variants, with Lunch For The Sky getting 100 copies on horizon green, 200 copies on horizon blue and 200 copies on black. The insert for Lunch For The Sky is on thick card stock, which is a very nice, unexpected touch. The only catch with this record is that two tracks are cut off, the eighth track “Too Late Too Soon” and the 14th and final track, “Spending Galore” were left off the vinyl version of the album. This resulted in the label calling the record a “special edition.” The guy who runs the label was also very annoying with promoting these releases (Lunch For The Sky and Socratic s/t) as he bumped threads on message boards multiple times a day and cross posting, I should say cross plastering the same text/post between different message boards, news sites, Facebook and Twitter in a desperate attempt to sell copies.


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